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Recommendation letters are usually written by Employer, Businessmen, Professionals, Manager and other people. Recommendation letters may be used as part of reference of request letter for some purpose. Recommendation letters may involve convincing, requesting, referring or asking for a favour from the recipient.

Recommendation Letter Format

Recommendation Letter Format

Recommendation letters may be written for the number of purposes depending upon the needs and objectives. The purpose may include requesting or recommending superior for the promotion of a particular employee, requesting college principal for grant of scholarship, asking for a favour from organization to give an internship to students and many more.


Recommendation Letter for a Friend

Recommendation Letter for a Friend

Break Letter into three Parts

  • Starting of letter: This may include Name, Date, Address of Recipient, Greetings, Subject, Previous or Personal Reference(If Any). Etc.
  • The body of the letter: The body of the letter must be concise without compromising with the objective of the letter. Words used in the letter must be attractive and at the same time, it must be simple too. Ambiguity and biases must be avoided. The language and sentence framing should be easy and grammatical mistakes should be avoided. On the other hand, your letter must be displaying your strength and your recommendation to the recipient.
  • The closing of the letter: it should include the courtesy for recipients such as thanks and regards. This may include your name, Contact Details and feedback question (if they have)

Recommendation Letter for a Student

Recommendation Letter for a Student

Type of Recommendation Letters

  • Recommendation letters for Job Promotion, Admission, Scholarship, Internship, Salary Increment,

Mistakes to be avoided while drafting Recommendation letters.

  1. Don’t write Recommendation letter to the one who does not know your very well as they probably may not give the favorable response.
  2. one should avoid drafting his own letter and let it be done by the recommender.
  3. Avoid writing complex words and ambiguous languages.


The sample of a Recommendation Letter for Job as a faculty member in College.


Mr. Rajesh Chauhan                                                                                                                        Dated: March 27, 2018


Apex Group of Institutions,

Rudrapur,U.S.Nagar, Uttarakhand





As per our personal discussion held between us yesterday regarding filling of vacant position of faculty. I would rather recommend her for the same. I have been knowing her for last 7 years. I feel proud to tell you that she has been always a meritorious student during her college and school time. She has won several prize and competition held at college level. When we talk about her academic so I feel immense pleasure to share this with you that she has done her B. Com(H) with first class later completed her M.Com( Economics) with first class from Delhi University. She has also Completed Her Doctorate Degree in Economics and has rich experience of 12 years in her field. She has also published various research papers and gave her content for publication in various business magazines. She has depth knowledge of Economics and aware about the prevailing trends of market.


She has also delivered her speech to our student as guest lecture in our college and she time to time participates in various seminars and workshop.

Apart from academic, she is enough capable to conduct various kinds of college/university events, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Ceremonies held time to time at your college. As far as I know her, She is always ready to take challenges and work under all conditions.

I feel that her knowledge, skills and rich experience would help your college to grow as well as at the same time it would help students of college to sharpen their career by getting right guidance and other tips.

I assure you that she would be an asset for you as she is hard working, punctual, creative and innovative.

I look forward for a positive and favorable response on your behalf.

Do write back in the case, you need any clarification or verification about her background or any other thing


Your Sincerely

Mukesh Saxena


Surajmal College of Economics.

Personal Letter of Recommendation

Personal Letter of Recommendation


A sample of a Reference Letter for an Internship


Mr. Sudhakant S. Patil


Cipla Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Plot No-03, Industrial Estate,

Delhi- 110012


Dated Feb 25 2018.


Sub:   Recommendation for Internship


Dear Sir,


With reference to the above mentioned subject. we would like to introduce ourselves as one of best college in the region of Ghaziabad. As we have received an application from one of our student who is pursing MBA from our college requesting us to write you a reference letter for internship. In view of above application received, I would personally request you if you could please give an opportunity to our student for pursuing one month internship at your reputed organization. This would also help us to understand the concept of their two years MBA program. I feel that practical experience is as important for them as theory. This is important for them to understand the depth and concept of MBA Program by getting practical exposure by involving in real working environment of organization.

I Believe that they may not find any other organization for internship better than yours. As you are the one of biggest manufacturer and reputed business firm in a Pharmaceutical industry.

This internship is a statutory requirement of the MBA program tocomply with the university course norms.

I hope and expect cooperation from your side.

Please write us back for any requirement of clarification.



Your Sincerely


Mr. Sajjan Arora


Dept MGT

Saraswati College of Management

Recommendation Letter for a Job

Recommendation Letter for a Job

Recommendation Letter for Promotion

Recommendation Letter for Promotion

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