How to write Letter of Absence

A letter of absence is a type of letter which is needed to be written for different reasons it is offered as a validation for any previous absent from any workplace, school or college. The main reason of providing letter of absence is to give a valid reason for what you or your child will be unable to attend school, college or anything like if your child is sick and you need to take care of him by staying at home then you will be needed to write a letter of absence from your employer in which you will be needed to mention your situation with complete explanation and giving a proper reason for your decision.

Sample Letter of Absence from Work

In case of your child illness you will also require writing a letter of absence to the teacher of your child or if you are a college student then there is a need of writing a letter for your professor in the formal language with correct reason due to which you are unable to attend the lecture.

So, you can see there are various situation in which you will be needed to write this letter therefore here we are going to provide you some sample letters which will help you in writing properly and accurately. Here we are going to provide you some basic steps which you should follow while writing this letter of absence.

1 . You should always tell truth as if you will lie then it may be possible the reader may found out truth about your absence or for your child absence.

2 . If you are a working person and going to write a letter for your workplace or either you are a student college there is a need of writing letter in the completely formal language where as for the purpose of school you can write a normal absence note for your child with your signature.

3 . You have to mention the particular date and time period for your absence from work, school or college with the complete and appropriate explanation of why.

4 . You should also clear in your letter that the only option is to take off so that your application will be granted.

5 . You should also make an apology for your absence and offer them that you will complete missed work in future.


So , these above were some points which you have to take care while writing the letter of absence, now below for your reference we are going to provide you with some samples for the letter of absence.


Sample Letter of Absence from Work

Sample Letter of Absence from Work


(Company address)


Ford Motors

3044 Daylene Drive

Detroit, MI 48226


Salutation ( Dear ),


I will not be able to come for work on the date of 6th March, 2017 because my child is not feeling well. He is suffering from severe flu and there is no one to take care of him at home except me therefore I have to stay at home i also contact with my babysitter but she is not able to come today for taking care of my child that’s why I am currently having no choice instead of taking off for my child.


I warmly apologize for the problem that I have caused and will definitely make up all pending work in extra shift on weekends.




Your name ( XYZ )


Sample Letter for Absence in School

Sample Letter for Absence in School


Dear Mr. Peter


I am here writing you because my daughter Bella will not be able to attend classes on 25th September, 2015 because she is going through with viral fever and feeling weak so for the betterment of my daughter I decided to take care of her at home by keeping an off from school. This will also be better for the safety other children in class, she will surely catcup all missed work by her own.




John D’Souza


Sample letter for absence to the College professor 

Sample letter for absence to the College professor 


Dear Dr. Prabhakar


I humbly apologize for not attending your last lecture that was scheduled on Wednesday as I was needed to leave due to some unforeseen emergency of family. I am a good psychology student so I wish that you will provide me the spare notes so that I can make up with missed work and if that is not possible then I will take notes from my classmates.




James Watson

Psychology 24, Batch – 16


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