How to Write Letter of Abandonment

There are various reasons for which a person may need to write a letter of abandonment like for the abandonment of animals and pets, for rental property or employment so you can write this letter for any of the reason. The abandonment letter which is given for pets and animals is provided usually by the veterinary practice or by the pet boarding service specially to the owner of pet who are now able to get their animals due to any of the reason at a particular date or time which has been fixed. In a job when any employee quit a job without any previous notice then at this situation an employer has complete right to grant a letter of abandonment for the employee. Similarly, if a landlord feels that the tenant has left his rental property permanently without any proper notice and without paying due amount of rent then in such situation a landlord has full right to provide a letter of abandonment as a warning.

Letter of Abandonment

If we are providing this letter than it indicates that it represents a final notice and if not granted then may be lead to official proceedings like for the case of adoption for animals, during the termination of job or by a landlord who can reclaim his rental property.


This letter of abandonment by landlords can be granted for the tenants which means that their property will become abondoned in not responded properly on time. Let us have an example to make it more clear, if in any case the landlord feels that his property has been abandoned and the tenant do not responds even after so much contact in such situation landlord has full authority to issue a letter of abandonment against the tenant. If later on the tenant still do not respond after the issue of the letter then in such situation landlord can start the process of abandonment and can work for claiming his property back again from the tenant.

Now , we are going to tell you how to write a proper and good letter of abandonment below are some major steps which you should take care before starting to write the letter these are :

1 . If lots of time has passed and all of your avenues has been exhausted in context of reaching towards individual then in such situation you can easily go through with the letter of abandonment.

2 . You have to write the more recent situation in letter provided on your file and also give proper details in which you have tried to contact the person.

3 . You can also warn them that in the condition if there will be no response then provide a specific time after which the action will be taken.

4 . Now, after writing your letter you have to post that on the address of individual which you know at last.


Here we will also provide you lots of samples for the letter of abandonment like as for the rental property, for animals etc.


Sample Letter of Abandonment for Rental Property




Salutation ( Dear XYZ ),


After contacting you several times with failed attempts we are going to issue this rental abondonment letter as we are having no any other choice. We get into the property on January 7th, 2018 and found that there was no one it was completely empty and we entered there to look over any void for personal belongings as you have not paid any rent since August 3rd , 2018.


We are providing you 15 days if within that time the response will not arrive from your side then I will not have any choice unless starting the abandonment process and after that completion of this procedure we will go through your credit record and then will forget to lease for the rental property. You can contact me easily on 8864xxxx34.




Your name



Sample letter of Abandonment letter for Animals

Dear xyz,


As our computer system indicates that you have left your cat ” Perry ” to us on October 12, 2018 for the surgery of hand and till now you have not come for pickup as agreed over 15th, we tried to contact you several times on phone within these weeks as a reminding call for your pet but there is no response till now.


If due to any reason you feels that you can not get pickup like due to illness or any other circumstances then contact us we will bring your pet to you without any problem or if you can’t take further care of your pet then we will take care that a good home will adopt the pet.


We request you to call or contact us within 7 days otherwise we will feel that you have abondoned your car and further will start the adoption procedure.

You can contact us on 6846xxxx56.




Your name

Cherry Hill Veterinary Surgery


Sample Letter of abandonment for Employment 

Dear xyz,


We found that you are not coming to work from November 15, 2018 without even providing any information. It’s been now more than 5 days since you are not here without any notice, therefore, we are not having any other option instead of signing the abandonment letter for your job.

The last recognized date when you come on work is November 14, 2018, up to that you will get a pay check for your work till now up to this month by the end of month according to the usual payment arrangement of yours.

If there is any valid reason or any circumstances due to which you were not able to inform and can exempt you from this abandonment then please immediately contact to your supervisor on the contact number of 5435xxxx53 and please provide the valid and accurate information with all proofs for your absence from work like a valid note from doctor.

If you fails in responding within 5 working days then the decision of your termination will be final.


Employee relations department

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