How to write Letter of Accreditation

Letter of accreditation is the one which is used by the person for assigning recipient credential or a particular status. This letter of accreditation is mostly used in the field of media for granting any permission to the journalist for covering any event, this letter provides them an access to the areas which or not for public and to get an entry for interviewees.

Letter of Accreditation


In the field of politics or in a democratic country the ambassador or the letter of credence issued by the head of state, which allows them for representing their country in overseas and this permission is known as the diplomatic accreditation.


There are different places where accreditation letter is given by board like as for childcare and education system, schools, institutions, nurseries etc from an authorized department which states that these organizations has met with all standards of service and education or the organization which has been accredited can send the letter to parents for giving an information about their accreditation.


A letter of accreditation is also issued to media members which indicates that they are allowed in the media areas to cover events like as of sport events or can approach towards athlete for taking interviews. We can also say that a letter of accreditation is a type of verification for the rights provided to an individual.

Here, we are going to provide you some of the points and steps which are necessary to be aware before writing a letter of accreditation so look them at below :


1 . In the letter you should properly mention that to whom this letter is going to be accredited and up to which level like a journalist for any newspaper or to a whole school.

2 . You should mention in detail that what is certified by this accreditation let us have an example to understand it in much better way like for meeting with some standards a school can be accredited or all the personnel’s of media will be assigned for the media tent and will only get approached to the interview they are alloted.

3 . The date of confirmation letter should be valid in any of the credentials.

4 . You should also state about the right for revoke accreditation if in any case the condition criteria will not met.


Now, here we are going to provide you some of the samples for letter of accreditation as a reference by them you will get an idea how to write a perfect letter, so samples are mentioned below:


1 . Sample letter of Accreditation for Journalists


Name to whom letter is concerned


For the Joyce D. Walsh, NASCAR is providing accreditation for covering the event of Daytona 500 on the 14th February, 2009.


The right which has been given to the Joyce D. Walsh to get presented only in the areas marked as media only and is permitted to get approached for interview before the driver introduction. He is also permitted for getting participated in the victory lane interview after race gets completed.


We also recommend to Joyce D. Walsh that they have to follow the NASCAR media conduct code and this means that he accepts if he found for the violation of this code then this accreditation will get revoked and might get removed out of the premises. You are responsible for your own safety NASCAR will not entertain any criteria related to it or for kind of injury which may occur due to result of this event.



Head of NASCAR media


2 . Sample letter of Accreditation to Parents

Dear Parents,


Holey Bell Nursery is feeling proud in telling that we have been accredited officially by the Nursery Standards trust for giving higher education and care to children.


Most of the parents are already aware about the fact that we are working diligently from last many years for achieving the success and have also made several changes which are notable related to the infrastructure and other success methods.


We are here giving a special kind of thanks for the parents who has given their positive feedback to the assessor and all of the feedbacks which has been provided by you to us for the new development factors at nursery. Your feedback is very precious to us for bringing and achieving success of high level for the learning of your children.


We will do and give our best continuously for developing and giving the better care and education which will not stop and we are still looking forward to hear from your side in future.


Yours sincerely,



Letter of Accreditation Format


Dear American Newswire,


On the favor of Climate convention 2015, I an going to give credentials to Terri Sopp class B media for providing convention of weekend.

We are providing you the pass permit for attending press conference going to held at 11 am and will provide a complete access to main public convention at centre or any kind of presentation which she will like to attend. It is all up to the choice of stall operator or guest speaker whether they wanted to give any interview or answer to their questions although they know it very well that media will he presented in this event and complete convention will be for interacting with public and sharing the information of climate science.

We are also awaring you that without any invitation the member of class B press are not allowed to attend any meeting which is going held privately.

The organizers of climate convention are complete right to revoke any credential of media on any point of time and we will not be liable for any kind of injury caused during this job.

We will look forward for your attendance.

James Koll,


Climate convention department



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